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To all the ladies that can make a sweet potato pie so good it'll make a man want to "jump the broom"

and to those of us still trying!

Legend is defined in Webster's dictionary as: a story handed down for generations among a people and popularly believed to have a historical basis, although not verifiable.

Did you know there is magic in the sweet potato (well, maybe?)

Legend has it that if a girl can get a guy to eat sweet potato out of her hand he’ll fall in love with her and…

But, what if the guy doesn’t like sweet potatoes and absolutely refuses to eat them.

What’s a girl to do?

This is the story of a girl that decides to overcome this challenge and how she does just that.

Imani uses her imagination and perseveres until she reaches her goal.


My granddaughter Payton, 12 yrs old, read the book and then said, “Let me read it again”. After reading it a second time and giving it some thought she said “I like it”. If you knew Payton, you’d know that that is high praise indeed.









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